educationalU.S. Educational Resources – Where To Start

As many of you may know by now I just love education and figuring out ways to improve the learning process for today’s youth.  They truly are the future of our world and I feel like we should be doing everything in our power to assure the next caretakers of earth are equipped with the knowledge to handle whatever is thrown their way.  When I first started to get really into the educational systems of the U.S. There were a few basic resources I always turned to when building the foundation for my beliefs and actions when it comes to improving education in America and beyond.  If you are thinking about getting more involved in improving education here are a few places you may want to consider starting at.

The U.S. Department of Education ( ):

A government agency that focuses on Student Loans, Grants, Laws, Data as related to education this is wonderful resource for gaining insights into such topics.  Subjects such Repaying Loans, Loan Services, Apply for Grants, Grants Forecasts, Eligibility for Grants, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Civil Rights, Education Statistics, Nation’s Report Card and much much more are all well broken down.  If any of the above interest the website is worth a study for sure.

EducationUSA ( ):

This site really focuses on the American educational experience from an outside and study abroad perspective.  With a focus on International students, global education and U.S. Learning representation this is the perfect resource to start researching the experience of studying in the USA and all the news related to this specific topic.

State Departments of Education (,

The  individual state’s personal education sites are always great for looking into and extrapolating insights on a more granular level.  If you are interested in a particular region or section of the states then these sites are the perfecting starting points to get a feel for what is going on education wise in your area.

There are a lot of broken parts in the school systems that we need to fix and only by staying in tune with what is really going on will be able to make a change.  Let your voice be heard as I do mine on this blog and lets come together to make a better tomorrow for our children.