flynnWhat’s happening all, I am Martha Flynn a full time kindergarten teacher, a mother of two, John and Joane, living in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I graduated with a doctorate degree education and have worked in colleges most of my life but recently decided I wanted to focus on developing younger minds.  I decided to make the change because not only did I want to focus on my preferred area of expertise which is behavioral science but I also wanted to have more time to work on an after school high school learning project I am extremely passionate about.  I came across this amazing product called “upclique” which brings students and academic institutions together in an effort to facilitate direct connection, open communication and deeper engagement.  This approach to education has sparked many ideas that I want to implement which is why I have started this blog to share those thoughts.  I am hoping this personal blog will bring us all closer together in working towards better options and solutions for really the future of our Earth.  We seem to be losing sight of how important education is in the modern era and we need new techniques to bring the excitement back to deep learning.  That is what “upclique” and this blog will be all about.