A Statistical Look At Education – The Vast Value Of Minds Multiplied

As many of you know I am one of the biggest proponents for focusing more resources on the improvement of the early educational levels in the United States.  I believe not only has the bar been set to low as far as what needs to be accomplished but also that the current gaps and flaws in the system are simply too big to overlook any longer.  While the problems with schools and education America will be saved for other blogs I wanted to use the time on this blog to just get a general feel for how big of an impact that is potentially if we do find new solutions to issues within learning in the country.  Lets review this Microsoft Education infographic to get a true idea of just how big a scale we are talking about when it comes to U.S. early education.


Education Stat #3 – 56.2 Million Teachers In Pre-K To High School

The responsibility of education is great but so to is our pool of people available to take on that responsibility.  Sure we are short in a lot of areas but this is a time when we need to still be encouraging our educators to do more.  We need to get people excited about teaching again and figure out a way to reward those that are excelling in the advancement of education.  If this many are willing to dedicate their lives to the improvement of our youth just think how many more are out there.

Education Stat #2 – 1.23 Billion Students in Pre-K to High School

Not only is it up to the teachers to step but also the students as well.  The students far out number the educators so we need a way to leverage this value as well.  There is strength in numbers as well as common positive goals and once we figure out how to combine the two as related to student growth then we will be well on are way to creating a more nurturing learning environment for today’s youth.

Education Stat #1 – $329 Billion Cost In Lost Wages, Work & Taxes For Class of 2006-2007 High School Dropouts Lifetime

What many of us do not realize is how costly not having an education can be.  Just drop out of high school can be devastating to a persons ability to advance themselves and their family into a better life.  Education is a key to unlocking someones potential and we need to come up with a way to keep more students on the right paths to educational success.  Their and our future depends on it.

Were short resources but we have a lot of resources still available.  Lets all come together and make education more accessible to all.  It can only benefit us all in the long run.