3 New Innovations Parents, Teachers and Schools Should Be Aware Of – A Study On Student Life Trends

Studious female high school studentOne aspect of the modern world is that its a constant challenge and struggle for parents, teachers and other authority figures to stay on top of all innovations that may impact a child’s life.  From rapid technology changes to new banned substances to ever growing social communities there truly is a lot to worry about and stay on top off as someone responsible for a kids future.  While the world’s rapid evolution during this tech age is a lot to handle there are many great things becoming available to students as well.  As with most everything in life it pays to be educated on both the good and the bad which in turn allows for better and more informed decisions making.  Lets take a look at three trends we have noticed taking place throughout school campuses across the country to get a better grasp we as parents, teachers and schools should be watching out for and thinking about as time continues to push the envelop of innovation.

New Student Life Innovative Trend Number 1: Wearable Technology

A watch is certainly not a watch anymore.  String and rubber wristbands are a thing of the past.  Now a strap on the wrist or clothing insert can check email, send social messages, monitor fitness, take notes and keep a calendar.  What this means is that kids now more then ever before may be accessing and using information in places and spaces we may be unaware of.  Right now its pretty easy for adults to spot things like an iPhone or an iPad but a hidden device that can be worn and concealed may be a lot harder to identify.  While we would students would never use wearable technology for anything malicious like cheating its still an idea we all should keep on our minds.

New Student Life Innovative Trend Number 2: Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizer

One of the biggest trends to takeover with today’s youth is the idea of vaping and carrying portable vaporizers like the Pax 3 vaporizer.  Its a much more enjoyable experience then smoking cigarettes and there is large popular culture growing and building around all things vape.  The versatile nature of vaporizers and all the fun they create have found a huge appeal with the younger audience.  We see lots of the younger generation vaping these days and it will most likely be a hot topic on school campuses worldwide so its something we all will want to keep on our radars as educators.

New Student Life Innovative Trend Number 3: Online Social Media Shaming and Bullying

One of the scariest things happening as of the late is the seeming rise of online social media shaming and bullying.  Its becoming a real problem and something we all need to come together as students, teachers, parents and educational institutions to figure out how to stop.  Bullying is not an acceptable behavior at all and when it starts to happen to someone both online and off the effects can be devastating.  This last topic we need to really strive to keep at the forefront of our minds while constantly monitoring the situation and coming up with solutions to Bullying.